Philosophy ~ Renewed Hope In A Jar Skin Tint

I have a new love on my list. A product that not many people are talking about and I'm starting to ask myself why??
I purchased this months ago when it first released at Ulta Beauty.

This is the LovePhilosophy Renewed Hope In A Jar Skin Tint with SPF 20

Now the color 3.5 Sand is a little disappointing for us fair skin ladies, but I can fix any shade with my wonderful Nyx Cosmetics White Foundation Mixer.

But this on the skin is absolutely stunning. You have skin that looks like skin!! And for my dry skin ladies you will love how moisturizing this is on the skin. You really don't need to wear a Primer or Moisturizer underneath this either. I wear this on my days that I need to run outta the house quickly. I just put a dab of my Serum on and layer this on with my beauty blender and go 🙌🏻

Concealers layer well over this too, and if you set with a powder you'll have great skin for hours. I'm not completely sure on the longevity of this because I've never worn it for more than 4-5 hrs. That's normally my run time. I come home and remove my makeup quickly. But for the time I DO have it on it looks good. It doesn't break apart on me and doesn't crease.

• It is sold at both Ulta Beauty and Sephora and is $39.00.

• There are currently 5 shades :
• 3.5 Sand ( the one pictured )
• 5.5 Beige
• 6.5 Tan
• 7.5 Honey
• 9.5 Cocoa

I really recommend you all to try this. And definitely wait for sales at Ulta. There's always an awesome GWP.


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