August Boxycharm

There’s no surprise I am completely ADDICTED to my subscription services. I adore them. You pay $10-20 a month and you ALWAYS get over $100 worth of products. I think the highest quality box I’ve received was valued over $180. And Boxycharm does not disappoint in the least. This month there were some great products. Let’s take a look.

First up is the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Palette. This is the original I believe. This was the product everyone was flipping over. High end luxury brands we all love. You’re always winning with Tarte !!

Value: $36.00

Next up was a nail polish. I think was the only product I was disappointed in. I really don’t ever do my nails. Unless I go to a salon which is a rare event. Maybe once or twice a year. I’m a completely illiterate person when it comes to painting them. I always manage to get my left hand done beautifully and then I give up 🤣 What can I say. I can’t be good at everything right ?

And then there’s the color. I DESPISE red nail polish. I hate it. It’s an old grandma color. And even though I just turned 31 I’m not ready to submit to old lady status yet. Come in BOXYCHARM!! Give me a pink or a teal or a holographic color.

Adesse Nail Polish in the shade Madison Square

Value: $18.00

This was probably one of my unexpected favorites this month. At first I was shocked with the color but it is actually very pretty.

This is the Aloette Face Paint ~ Lip & Cheek Tint. It is such a pretty vibrant pinky berry tone. I think this will be amazing for the fall time. I used a small lip brush to apply to my lips. I haven’t tested to wear time on my cheeks yet but for the lips it gives a beautiful flush.


$41 CAD

$32.88 USD

Then we received a beautiful pair of PUR Cosmetics Lashes in the style Bombshell. I believe there was another style option as well but this is the pair I received.

I don’t normally wear lashes. I just can’t get the hang of it. I’m still practicing so maybe one day I’ll show off my skills 💁🏼

I do wish they would have included a lash glue because the one I own really sucks at sticking. As soon as I pick up some I’ll test these out.

PRO Eyelashes 3D Silk Cruelty-Free

Value: $14.00

And last bit not least we got a pack of Moda Pro Brushes. These feel heavy and luxurious. I really think this was a good pick.

Value: $26.00

Total box value: $126.88

Not a bad deal at all. If you want to sign up you can use my link to join. It’s $21.00 a month for amazing makeup and skincare products.



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