Lipsense ~ Is it Worth It?

I was recently introduced to the SeneGence Company by an amazing woman named Christine on Instagram. She owns the page TeenieKisses.

She asked me if I had ever tried LipSense and I told her I had not. But I was very curious about all the great reviews I had been hearing. She offered to send me a kit to try and review for her.

First there are SO MANY SHADES !!! This was quite overwhelming at first because of course I am a lip fanatic, and I can never just choose one favorite 💋

But I finally settled for a beautiful shade named Caramel Apple. She also sent me a Moisturizing Gloss and an OOPS Remover.

The first time I applied it I was just lounging around the house. I wanted to test out the formula before I got all dolled up.

The first thing I did was exfoliate my lips very well to get all the dry skin off. Dry lips are something I struggle with fiercely. My Lupus and Sjrogens can wreak havoc on my lips which can make wearing Liquid Lipsticks darn near impossible. But again, I’ve heard great things so thought I’d give it a go.

Upon first application I felt a slight tingling sensation. The normal tingle you’d feel with applying plumping lip glosses or balms. But not uncomfortable in any way. I slowly lined my lips in one direction and waited until they dried before reapplying. After I was done I left my mouth open until I was sure they were dry. Don’t rub!! Be sure to make sure it’s dry before you move your lips 👄

After it was dry I applied the gloss and rubbed my lips together. After this step you are free to go about your day. 🙌🏻

I wore it for over 8 hours before I felt the need to touch up. But even then I just reapplied gloss.

A few hours later I decided to test the OOPS Remover. This was where it got tricky lol. And maybe because I’m a goon and didn’t read the instructions but it took me a couple tries. I placed the gloss on my lips and let it sit for. A few minutes. Then wiped it off. Again I reapplied the Remover and did it again until everything was gone. You don’t NEED the Remover. I know that now. It’s better suited to clean up mistakes and uneven lines. You can use a normal oil based Remover to get it off, but when I tell you this lip lasts all day, I mean it !!! It lasts ALL DAY !! 🙌🏻 You can eat, you can drink, you can kiss your man or woman and you can shower!! Heck I took a nap and it still wouldn’t budge!!

While this shade wasn’t my favorite I can guarantee you I ❤️ this formula. I can’t wait to try new shades. I plan to find some beautiful nudes and expand my collection.

Have y’all tried these yet? What are your favorite shades ? So you like the shimmers? Mattes? Sheens? Nudes? Reds? Pinks?


Application Instructions:

💋 Shake your lip color before each use!!

💋 Start with Clean Dry Lips

💋 Apply in one direction while keeping lips apart

💋 Apply 3 thin layers while letting each coat dry for a few seconds in between. You may experience a slight tingle.

💋 Top with Glossy Gloss and reapply the gloss throughout the day!


Tips & Tricks:

💋 Never leave your Lipsense in the car

💋 Shake before applying for even distribution

💋 If your lip color is flaming don’t stress!!

💋 Lipsense is working to exfoliate all your dead skin cells from your lips. Keep with it! When the process is done your lips will be the softest they have ever been!

💋 Slight tingling may occur at application the first couple of times due to dry lips

💋 Make sure you apply 3 layers of color to ensure longevity

💋 Toss the chapstick!! It contains wax which will inhibit your LipSense from working.


To find out more information about ordering your LipSense Products please contact:

Christine Dilsaver

Distributor # 261771

Phone: 559-747-2417


Instagram: @teeniekisses



If you LOVE the product, you can become a distributor and shop wholesale for yourself!!

You also have the option to sell to friends and family for extra income on the side!

It’s only $55 to join.




One thought on “Lipsense ~ Is it Worth It?

  1. Thank you so much for featuring this product on your blog! I really appreciate all you help and was so very excited to read your review. I am glad that it was a positive experience for you over all! Sincere gratitude and hugs!


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